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Simple Steps to connect your
Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The perfect partner for cleaning your home. Take full control of your vacuum cleaner through a smartphone app where you can set schedules, cleaning patterns, suction power and more!

Step 1.
Download & Install the Robotika the app

Step 1. Download & Install App

Download the app onto your smartphone

Complete control and function through the ROBOTIKA app purpose built for all your Robotika products.



Step 1.jpg
Step 1.jpg
PROVAC-5 - 9 - App.jpg

Step 2.
Create an account and add your device

Step 2. Create & Add Devie


Connect to your home Wi-Fi and enter details.

*Make sure your Wi-Fi is the 2.4 GHz 
, 5GHz Wi-Fi Frequency
  does not work this app.

connect Wi-Fi.jpg


Select Robot Vacuum (Wi-Fi) to add.

*Make sure you select the Wi-Fi only.



Press the + button on top right corner to add a device.



On your Smart Life app,  now that your Robot Vacuum Wi-Fi has been reset, Press the below tick box stating "Confirm Indicator rapidly blinking" and select "Next" to go to the next step.

reseting device for wifi.jpg
Press both buttons.jpg


On your Robot Vacuum Cleaner - (located at the top)
Press and hold both below for 3 seconds:
1.  Power            and
2. Home           button

Until your vacuum prompts

"Wi-Fi has been Reset"

reseting device for wifi part 2.jpg

Step 3.
Final Connecting Step


Now that you have selected "Next" on (E) previous step. Please allow up to 60 seconds for pairing sequence to complete. Once completed, Select Done!

adding device.jpg
progress adding - 3.jpg
added successfully.jpg

You have now completed setup of your Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Please refer to product manual page 21 on how to control your device.

Step 3. Final Connecting Step
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